Wednesday, July 20, 2022

SLASHED finds at the dollar bins of doom

I usually go to the card show that is held twice in a month to see the seller I've annointed as having the dollar bins of doom - maybe it was posted that the seller [or at least his partner] would have the dollar cards marked down to $0.50 with other higher priced material [$5-$10, etc] would also be discounted.

Maybe at other times, I would have pounced on the tables when I got the show, but this time I just took my time trying to look at other tables - where the discounted dollar bins of doom wasn't a priority since I don't think the seller would seed fresher runs of cards, especially during his 'rare,' maybe once in a year sale where he might quip about needing to blow things out for gas money or to eat out with his wife.

The 1993 Score Select Derek Jeter rookie was marked from $5 to $3 - it's a pretty basic rookie but I might have lost the one I had 20 years ago, so maybe it's nice to have another copy to squirrel away.

The 1987 Fleer George Brett, 1988 Score Brett and 1988 Score Robin Yount are glossy, while the 1993 Topps Yount is a pre-production sample - sort of later career cards for these Hall of Famers I might just skip over as junk wax era material, but end up as keepers once I realized they were a little different.

I don't know if I ever attach any sentimentality to non-rookie, early through mid 2000s cards of Albert Pujols and Ichiro because there was a glut of them and they were never worth much - but maybe the passage of time makes these cards cool regardless, where I salvaged them as cheap binder material.
Except for the Michael Jordan baseball inserts, these might be the types of cards that have resided in the dollar bins of doom for the longest time - I might have skipped through these odds and ends even at the $0.50 mark, but there are a pair of autographs [one-time Angel Dustin Moseley and softball star Jennie Finch's husband Casey Daigle], some relics [Edgardo Alfonso, Mike Sweeney, Ryan Freel] and some parallels [Vinny Castilla, Ryan Zimmerman, Jedd Gyorko] I'll relent to make keepers out of.
Other sports are never a big emphasis, but it's too hard not to stumble upon portions of the dollar bins of doom where it's all jumbled up - where I catch myself adding non-baseball cards into my keeper stack.

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