Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Featured autograph - Vic Davalillo

To add another autograph to my Angels all-time collection, I grabbed this autographed card from Facebook - Davalillo was a Venezuelan outfielder who played 16 years in the big leagues and spent parts of 2 seasons with the Angels back in the 1960s.
The card was descibed as a custom but looks a little fancier with an actual, detailed card back - I'm not sure what the details spell out, but there is a serial #'d notation on the back [36/80] and the cards may have been whipped up by a collector in Venezuela specifically for a card show event.


Brett Alan said...

Looks like a real card to me! Falcon is a real Venezuelan card company (or at least it was) and the one example of a Venezuelan SN card I have uses the same format where the size of the run is printed on the card, but the number of this particular card is written in by hand.

In any event, a nice auto of one of those guys who probably doesn't have any (certainly not many) US issues autos but is definitely worth remembering!

The Angels In Order said...

Good looking custom.

Fuji said...

Very cool custom. They went above and beyond by hand numbering it.