Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog ideals, goals and critiques -
The Wild West that once was known as the Internet, has evolved into something regulated where imposed rules and netiquette serves as the judge, juror and executioner - maybe blogs are the last venues to say anything you want about a hobby like trading cards on the Internet.

Feel free to be agitated and opinionated but you are supposedly writing for a broader audience - don't try to be F this, F that, BS this, BS that.

Certainly, you want to be believe someone is reading your blog - even if there maybe one visitor a day and realistically there is none on most.

The best card blogs seem to be the ones able to go a little off-topic, even though 95 percent of their content is probably trading card related - broaden your interests or at least show an audience, you are more than just cards and graphs, by personalizing some of your posts.

You want to react to current events, because it is what people care about - but don't be obligated to blog about something you've seen on 15-20 other sites already.

Try to have a theme and a centerpiece topic - it helps you focus on a post-by-post basis.

Use images, pictures and multimedia - that one visitor a day likes pretty pictures.

Updates - have a blog schedule.

Any blog post made on your blog is still a contribution to the overall expression of thought - respect that.

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