Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2002 UD Vintage Aces Mike Marshall

This $2 pick up represents an oddball find for my award winners collection - a 14-year old card with some sort of game used material, featuring a workhorse reliever who won the 1974 National League MVP.

I figured this card was the best I could do to represent Marshall as getting an autograph is kind of out of the question - due to personal his beliefs about not putting people like pro athletes on a pedestal, Marshall charges at least $250 for each autograph when a promoter can get him to do some sort of private signing.

A wrinkle to my project is to sometimes have a couple of cards to represent some players as a 'micro-mini' collection - maybe I'll seek out one of Marshall's old-school Topps cards [1975 Topps #330 or the highlights subset #6] to pair up with this relic card.

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night owl said...

Ooh, that's a nice card. Don't really care about relics anymore, but "modern" Marshall Dodger cards are a rarity.