Sunday, October 11, 2015

Award winners collection reboot

I have a binder of 'award winners' where I've tried to add cards featuring the recipients of the three big MLB awards [Most Valuable Player, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year] - about a few weeks ago, I was inspired to go through the binder to see which years were still missing and see where I could weed out cards used that didn't picture the players on the teams they won the award with.

I put together a coherent wantlist so I could start hunting for new cards to add to the collection - one of players whose card I would need is an early 20th century player named Jake Daubert, who was the 1914 National League MVP

I didn't know where I could find a card of his, so I did some searching and found out he actually had a relic card - who really knows whether or not Daubert held, used, or slept with the bat that was chopped up to help create the card, but I thought it was just great to pick up the card for around $5.

The card projects that seem the most fun are the ones where I can grab seemingly random cards and put them together - this particular project isn't a high dollar endeavor by any means, so various card types are going to clash between simple base cards, random uncertified autograph cards, memorabilia / certified autograph cards and player era / retro cards.

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