Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Featured autograph - Khalil Greene

I have tried to get as many 2005-2006 Topps Turkey Red cards autographed in-person/TTM to varying degrees of success - I spotted the Greene TPA signed card, when looking through certified autographs of players who remain curiosities for whatever reason.

I thought I originally saw the autograph card for closer to $2, but when I looked for it again, the listed price had gone up to about $5 or so - I finally relented to pick up the card up when I saw the price bumped back down.

With the potential to be a good all-around shortstop with power and a surfer boy look that probably played up to the home team crowd - Greene had the makings of a fan favorite with the San Diego Padres.

Greene however, turned out to be a notorious recluse and for him, the struggle was indeed real - as a MLB player, he was apparently beating himself up and was more consumed by failure than success.

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defgav said...

Great looking card. Too bad he was never able escape his demons to put it all together.