Thursday, February 06, 2014

2014 Topps HC set - the breakdown

I finally got my hand collated set in the mail and randomly created a Google Sheets file - I cut and paste a 2014 Topps checklist from Sports Card Radio and scrutinized each of the 330 cards [minus the retired #7].

I added three rows labeled 'Collecting Topic 1,' 'Collecting Topic 2' and 'Collecting Topic 3,' to list whether a card stood out as interesting - when I looked at a card, the first collecting topic collection that comes to mind is listed in category 1, then perhaps the card can count for another collecting topic [category 2] and maybe a third [category 3].

I added some comments as whether or not to count a particular card as a new addition [I may already have cards of a particular player from previous years] - as well as cards I'm looking to get autographed in-person.

Not quite, but sort of related - is this Michael Young card [#72] the worst card from Topps' Series I set?

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

I think the Kershaw SP is the worst card in the set.