Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Thoughts on 2014 Topps

I supposedly have a hand collated set 2014 Topps I bought on eBay - hopefully I didn't pick up a set from a seller who can't deliver the goods, like last year when I bought a 2013 Topps Series I hc set that never arrived.

I hope the set purchase serves as a ‘preemptive’ strike to purchasing any 2014 Topps packs, blasters, retail jumbo packs, retail hangers, hobby, etc - it doesn’t mean I won’t seek any 2014 Topps cards from the quarter bins at my LCS or buy unopened product, but I’m trying to secure the basic cards before blindly jumping into anymore offerings of this year's flagship brand.

After seeing all the breaks and pictures from other cards blogs and forums, I spent about 20 minutes at a card shop and dug into a bunch of 2014 Topps leftover from someone else's recent break - I suppose in the limited amount of time I had, I went to work, looking on doing the following:

A.) Fill out my 1978-present Topps sampler set - maybe a pie in the sky project for me, where I try to pick up a random [or not] card to represent all 30 MLB teams [obviously expansion teams like the Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks will have less cards while Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals are counted as one team].

B.) Be able to scrutinize many of the cards for collecting topics - it looks like Topps has put together a flagship set with all sorts of interesting images pulled from Getty Images and put them into cards.

I like the idea of randomly discovering cards that are kind of 'fun' in their own unique way - but it maybe more practical to go through a hand collated set of cards and see where I can fit each card.

C.) Pick up cards to be autographed in-person - mostly rookie cards and players who may have had a couple of years of MLB experience with not quite a lot of cards out.

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Fuji said...

I love reading these 2014 Topps posts... can't believe how amazing their photo selection is this year. I'll probably end up buying a hand collated set myself. I know the thrill of busting packs and slowly building the set is lost... but it'll save me money in the end.