Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Topps Target $9.99 hanger box break #2

I won't list the base cards because I feel like they are redundant - but I pulled a Justin Upton short print, so that's my 'big money, three dollar hit' on eBay.

I'm listing the other inserts / parallels I pulled - I just grabbed a random hanger box and didn't realize some boxes don't actually have the Target red bordered parallels in them [unless explicitly marked on the box], so I was out of luck there.

#24 Manny Machado - Red Hot Foil parallel
#229 Justin Upton - image swap SP
#UC-35 Ken Griffey Jr. - Upper Class insert
#FN-17 Wil Myers - The Future is Now insert
#50YD-2 Gerrit Cole - 50 Years of the Draft
#SV-4 Adrian Beltre - Super Veterans insert
#205 Seth Smith - Yellow
#49 Enny Romero - Yellow


Jeff said...

I think that Beltre is quadruple printed. I've pulled two, and it seems like everyone else pulls one too. Stupid Topps

Laurens said...

I think most common inserts out of Topps is quadruple printed - that is the way it goes for anything not SP'd/autographed/game used or a manufactured relic.