Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Awesome action - a visual guide #1

I was on a plastic pages 'kick' and purchased a box of 100 to display base cards and basic inserts for a number of star players that could make up at least a page of nine - I wanted to do something different with the remaining [around 15] plastic pages, so I went ahead and made an ‘awesome action / awesome outfield’ sampler.

The plan is to have at least one mini-collection displayed in sheets in a binder but boxes are still where most cards go - I pulled 18 cards for the different types of loosely defined themes I have in my mind to see what the cards would look like in pages.

Besides showing off the cards, I wanted to see if my personal distinctions generally hold up - the actual cards are still jumbled up under my awesome action umbrella, but I want it where I can 'label' why I have or need a card for this collection, particularly when the 'awesomeness' might not be obvious.

Actual on field game action - the 'pure' awesome action cards.

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