Friday, July 13, 2018

Picking five collection / project keepers

I'm not sure where to go with this bat around prompt, because according to my list of main projects - I already have five or six things I'm working on, but each of those collections has different wrinkles that mushroom into different subsets.

I'll do what I do, but maybe in my head, the idea would be to rip one thing from each of these five things - maybe narrow the focus just a bit more than what I've already spelled out.

1.) Personal collection cards - maybe my PC is always going to be ‘all over the place’ and ‘thin’ all-around between the varying degrees of quality, years, types, subjects, but if nothing else, I want to have a good, representative collection of cards I can pull out and have a good look at once in awhile.

I want to build depth within my PCs by adding ‘4-6’ old school / vintage rookie cards - I should be glad to have picked off and squirreled away.

With some inherent limitations, but hopefully still some imagination - I want to see if I could pick up some cards I’d never thought to have in my PC.

2.) Regional collections - focus on adding to my regional PC, A-Z singles, all-time autograph collection and inserts; ditch any 'loose card' projects like binder stars, frankenset and Opening Day starters that may have fallen flat in recent years.

3.) Collecting topics - I've got 25-30 ongoing collections but instead of trying to 'nerd out,' focus on 5-10 mini-collections to hammer on.

Awesome action and awesome outfield action
Bonus babies - star cameos on common players' cards
Local guys
Multi sport athletes

Facial hair
Pitchers hitting
Tools of ignorance - catcher cards

4.) Award winners collection

5.) A-Z singles

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Fuji said...

Bonus babies is a cool idea for a PC.