Saturday, January 02, 2010

Considering the Hall candidates - Barry Larkin and Alan Trammell

Hall of Fame

I don't have a vote, but just like every other baseball fan - I'd like to think my 'simple man' opinion counts for something and I'd like to go through candidates eligible and worthy of consideration.

Barry Larkin

Pro - he was a dynamic player who had the ability to do a variety of things such as hit for average, take a walk, run the bases, hit for power, be a good defender and generally be a good clubhouse influence for his Reds' teams, including the squad that won the World Series in 1990.

Con - in his 19 big league seasons, Larkin only played in 150 more games four times.

Yes/No - I'd lean towards 'no.'

His numbers are generally impressive - but maybe he just wasn't healthy enough, where he may needed a stretch of playing 150 games for at least five or six years to vault his final career totals as a slam dunk Hall of Famer.

Alan Trammell

Pro - there seems to be a lot more endorsement for Barry Larkin, but long-time Detroit Tigers fans are saying, 'wait a minute - what about Trammell?'

Trammell was a productive shortstop who won three Silver Slugger Awards, four Gold Gloves and was a batting title contender in 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988 and 1990 - he was also the 1984 World Series MVP, going 9-for-20 with two home runs, six RBIs in helping his Tigers win the WS over the San Diego Padres.

Con - like many Major Leaguers, Trammell's peak seemed to be in his late 20s. Once he hit his 30s, he was still a capable player, but the number of games played started to dwindle.

Yes/No - I'd lean towards 'no.'

Trammell's numbers were very good - but he wasn't able to finish stronger than he did.

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