Saturday, January 02, 2010

The pro-collecting post

This is the stuff I enjoy as a collector - sometimes I just have to step back and figure out what I really enjoy.

Maybe I'd like to focus inward, so I'm trying to appreciate what I already have
- while accounting for the novelty in new stuff and picking some new things.

1.) Seeing themes coming together - getting one more autograph set card done, putting together small 'unofficial' sets of cards, sets of assorted player cards I've accumulated, etc.
2.) Getting autographs in-person and going through the process of having an opportunity - a moment to get my cards or other items signed.
3.) Picking up collecting topics cards featuring unique themes - I'm not the only one, but it is addicting to leaf through a stack of otherwise common cards I've put together from scratch and see there is a theme there.
4.) Busting loose packs to see what new baseball cards look like for the first time - they come out on the shelves.
5.) Picking up loose cards to be autographed - particularly players' cards I'll have in my hands for the first time.
6.) The process of looking for the next - autograph experience, player to collect, blog post to pore over, et al.
7.) Adding a personal collection card to fit into a regional collection - consisting of past/present and future Los Angeles/California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels players.
8.) Finding particular memorabilia/autograph cards out of a so-called bargain bin - particularly if the card features a personal favorite, a star or even a Hall of Famer.
9.) Adding a premium card or two for my personal collection - something that isn't exactly out of the cheapo boxes and something
10.) Of course I like my hits too
- whenever I do get an opportunity to pick up a hobby box of cards.

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